Ninh Binh Free Walking Tours by Local Student Guides

Dive into the heart of Hoa Lu with our enthusiastic student guides! Join our compact 1-2 hour walking tour around the Two Elephants area and Hoa Lu old town. Discover hidden gems after school hours or on weekends. Your unique adventure awaits!

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Explore and Engage: Free Student-Guided Walking Tour of Hoa Lu and Two Elephants Area

Welcome to our student-led walking tour, where history meets local charm. Let us take you on a 1-2 hour journey through the historic Hoa Lu old town and the remarkable Two Elephants area, promising you an insightful and fun-filled experience.

Our tour sets off in the heart of the old town, leading you through a maze of intriguing histories and vibrant cultures. We’ll meander through the timeless streets of Hoa Lu, recounting tales of its imperial past, then proceed to the famed Two Elephants area, a symbol of the city’s resilience and spirit.

This is far from your ordinary guided tour. We’re all about immersing our guests in the authentic local experience, revealing the lesser-known spots that carry the essence of our city. From an artisan’s corner buzzing with creativity to a hidden snack spot loved by locals, we aim to deliver a truly unique perspective.

As student guides, we offer a fresh and enthusiastic approach, sharing not just historical knowledge, but also insights into the contemporary student lifestyle in our city. We adapt our tours according to your interests, guaranteeing a personalized experience for every participant.

Meeting point: Main gate Hoa Lu
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Tour Details:
– Duration: Approximately 1-2 hours.
– Locations: Hoa Lu Old Town and Two Elephants Area.
– Availability:
August: Daily between 8 AM and 9 PM.
From September: Daily after 7 PM.

– Engage with local history in Hoa Lu Old Town.
– Marvel at the iconic Two Elephants area.
– Experience the city’s less-explored locales.
– Enjoy a personalized tour, tailored to your interests.

Get ready to lace up your walking shoes and join us for a memorable exploration of our beloved city. Your adventure is just a walk away!

Note: Our walking tours are free. However, tips are appreciated as they support our student guides. We kindly as to give them a tip of 50,000 VND (around 2 Euros). This way, the students won’t be disappointed or expect more.”

Secure your spot today and experience our city in a way you’ll never forget!

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